What Counts?

Today’s photo is of unifix cubes. I use unifix cubes to work on patterning as well as developing number sense. Every classroom needs an ample supply of manipulatives to teach the mathematics curriculum however more important than teaching mathematics is teaching students what counts to be a good citizen in our ever-changing world.

What Counts?
What character traits do we want the future to have?
Let’s teach our students that every character choice they make- counts!

So Let’s Count-
1) Be Honest and Trustworthy
2) Be Reliable and Dependable
3) Build Healthy Relationships with Family and Friends
4) Respect Others and Yourself
5) Be Responsible
6) Listen
7) Treat People Fairly
8) Be Kind and Compassionate
9) Be Helpful and Kind
10) Be Cooperative and Caring
11) Be Patient
12) Be Courageous
13) Be Forgiving
14) Persevere
15) Volunteer

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