Another wonderful piece of art produced from my grade one class. This lesson was based on looking at pieces of art from Wassily Kandinsky. The students were given three colors- blue, yellow and red as well as black and white. They were then able to do color mixing. While walking around the room, I loved hearing the conversation. One child was so ecstatic - he said, "I made gold." How the smallest simplest things can make them so excited. 

                               PRACTICE - PRACTICE - PRACTICE

As every artist, musician and athlete was first an amateur, I love to instill in children the value of practice. We often talk about how with practice we can become better readers, writers, artists, musicians and athletes. We must put the time in and continue to learn from practicing. Practicing takes commitment and hard work. If we can encourage these two traits in the students we teach, they will be successful in anything they choose.

We can also learn a lot from the thought of practice. Too often we put barriers up for ourselves or say that we can not do something. All day we encourage young minds to continue to practice, to persevere, to try their best, to keep moving forward when it is difficult. Next time, when you are faced with something you think is too hard, think about practice and what we expect from children everyday.

Practice might not always make perfect but it makes for determined and diligent individuals.

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