I Love Teachers!!

We work in an amazing profession. Actually I don’t think you can call teaching a profession, it is more a way of life – a passion. 

Being a great teacher is very challenging and rewarding work. 

As a teacher you have the power to influence and mould a student's mind. You have within you the capacity to instill in a child a love for learning, to keep an open mind and to keep questioning. You have the ability to promote confidence, stir thinking and awaken dreams.

To every great teacher – I love you!

MOM! There's a LION in the TOILET!

I want to tell you all about a true life adventure!  If you are looking for a great read, you need to check out this book, "MOM! There's a LION in the TOILET!" This book is about the Anderson family, a family of six who decide to go on a world adventure for 5 months to beat the cold winter months in Alberta.  They knew it was going to be an extraordinary adventure but they never knew they might get stuck in an Italian elevator, held at gunpoint in Egypt or be storm chasing floods, fires and tsunamis!

Follow 6Andersons1World on Facebook and on Twitter @6anderson1world
Check out their blog: 6andersons1world.blogspot.com

And of course to purchase the book http://www.dreamwritepublishing.ca/authors/lisa-anderson

The book is also separated by the continents they visited and is available through iTunes now!!!
Check out the first book 'The Americas North to South, Part 1: MOM! There's a LION in the TOILET! It is only $2.99!!!


I absolutely LOVE the Olympics!! So when I was creating my ABC Countdown this year, I couldn't resist but adding Olympics on 'O' day!

Of Course, coming from Canada we know a lot more about Winter Olympics than Summer, but we had fun comparing and contrasting the two in a Venn Diagram.

I also took this day to share my experience as a 2010 Winter Olympic Torchbearer with my students.  I have a powerpoint that I show to schools about all the ins and outs of Olympic torch runs and I bring my torch to show the kids.  The highlight for me!!!!

And of course I introduced the students to the 2012 Olympic Mascots - Wenlock and Mandeville.  I was able to get a stuffed Wenlock to show the students and some Olympic stickers from a friend who went to London in early June.  The students then had time to play games on the computer from 2012 Olympic Website

We ended the day with each student getting a medal to take home! 

Enjoy the 2012 Summer Olympics!!!  I know I will!

2012 Summer Olympic Sunglasses, Wenlock and the official APP!!!

Back to School Buys

Even though Back to School is still six weeks away, I have been busy shopping! Of Course!
Here is a small sample of some of my favorite buys this week.

Every year I buy new mats for my classroom.  I just don't like how dirty they get by June!  Can you tell the color theme of my room?

Can't resist new letters!  Will I use them? Who knows!  But of course, had to have them!

When I saw The 2 Sisters in March, they talked a lot about barometer children and how to help them build stamina.  In our free gift bag, they gave each of us some thinking putty to help with these types of students.  So I decided to buy some more Thinking Putty!  The kids love this stuff!

The last pic today is of my birthday chart for next year.  I have fallen in love with the BW Collection from CTP!  I just love it!!

So I am thinking of blue, green and BW for my classroom colors this year!

That is all for today.  Looking forward to showing you more Back to School Buys next week!



We all want quality. We all want high quality. We live in a society where very few businesses or products survive if not of high quality. Shouldn’t we expect the same from teachers?

We have a responsibility to produce quality teachers. 
Quality teachers show:
High intentions
Positive mental attitudes
Sincere efforts
Skillful execution
Passion and

We will see the results of high quality teachers/teaching in our students, in our results, in our teams, in our schools and in our society. 

One of my favourite quotes is, ‘A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.’ ~Henry Brooks Adams. 

Let’s make sure that the influence a teacher has on a student is positive. Let’s create high quality teachers.



It is summer holidays and we have been enjoying the HOT HOT Alberta weather!  But of course, school is still on the mind, for only an hour or so a day.  I have bought many new things for the classroom already, and would love to set it up - just so I know it is ready to go.  But will have to wait until it is cleaned.  Here is what my classroom currently looks like.

And of course I had to take pictures of all the cords needed to set up the computer, SMART Board, Document Camera and FM - so I don't forget when I come back.

Hope you all are enjoying a relaxing summer! 

ABC Countdown

We are only 28 school days away until the end of the year.  So hard to believe that it is actually here.  I will be sad to see these kiddos leave, BUT  I am so looking forward to summer!!!

With so few days left, it meant the start of ABC Countdown.  I did this last year and I can't believe how much fun it was.  I needed to do it again, but I spiced it up and added a lot more.  We will see how it goes. Going to share it with the kids on Tuesday and send home the calendar. 

Have a great long weekend everyone!

Do You Ever Wonder?

It has been way to long since a post! I hope everyone is enjoying the last few days of school before SUMMER!  A few months ago, I discovered the website Wonderopolis.
It is a great website for learning about many different Wonders.  If you have never checked out this site, it is a MUST!
But even more Wonderful, is they have just released Wonder On the Go- so now you can explore the Wonder of the Day and browse past Wonders for FREE on your iPod!

Hope you enjoy looking at past wonders and trying it out on your mobile device!
Happy Mother's Day Everyone!

Great Resource

I hope everyone had or is having a great Spring Break.
I just wanted to share with you a great resource that I found today.
It is Fable Vision Learning.
If you are like me, you love Peter H. Reynolds Books.


This website has so many awesome ideas plus some great printable posters. Including the one seen here.

If you haven't check this website out.  You NEED to!

Thank You and a FREEBIE!

We feel so lucky to have received an award.  Not once but TWICE!
Thank you to Barbara at Grade ONEderful! and Mrs. Krull at Of Primary Importance
We love the blogging world and the inspiration that seems to come from all of YOU!

So here is a short list of a few blogs you might be interested in checking out!  They are all ART and have provided tons of inspiration!
1. What's Happening in the Art Room??
2. We Heart Art
3. The Elementary Art Room
4. Art is Basic

I have been doing Math Workstations in my room since December. My kids love them!
Although many of my stations are from other blogs, every once in awhile, I find the time to make my own.  The one I am going to share with you today is called 'Monster Math Take Away'.  This game was designed to help students use mental mathematics strategies such as counting back.
Although the game instructions suggest counters (which, I did supply to each student) they ended up not needing them.  Once my students become familiar with counting back from 12, I will move up to 18.  Hope you like,  If you decide to download - we love to hear feedback!

Monster Math Take Away

APPsolutely Exciting!

I am addicted to my iPad!  That is how I read amazing posts in blogland and try to keep up in the blogging world. 
Last night, I came across some really great APPs.

Miss Spider's  Tea Party  and Miss Spider's Bedtime Story
both FREE (for a limited time)!!!

My Story App - Very cool APP-  Only FREE for the weekend!  Check it out!

And of course!  The Lorax is 80% off right now.  Only $0.99.  Plus all other Dr. Seuss books are reduced. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

Building Things

We have finally started our Building Things unit.  I love this unit and the opportunity for students to construct objects, challenge themselves and to be actively involved!

We always start this unit discussing the different materials for building and the ways to join or fasten building materials. 

A few great websites to try are:

BBC- Has many great resources to help introduce at the beginning of the unit for sorting, grouping and the characteristics of materials. 

Grouping Materials

Characteristics of Materials

All I can say is that my students love these activities!

Material Labels and Sorting

Naming Materials

After we have spent time discussing the  materials used for building.  It is actually time to get down to work and BUILD!  Spending time discussing the different materials, makes it easier for the students to compare and contrast two objects that have been constructed (SLE 3).

So here ares some examples!

I call the classroom a workshop during science.  

Task One:  Build an animal with moveable parts. 

Task Two: Build a Monster or Robot with Folded Arms and Legs.
The students are taught two different ways to fold paper.


In The Book of Awesome #916 – The sound of scissors cutting construction paper, is the sound of creativity bubbling, it’s the sound of ideas bubbling.

The novel new idea, the originality, the thought of ‘what if…’, the expression - ‘such a great idea’. 
We have all been there and experienced creativity. We do however often hold back, not because we don’t have those ‘creative bones or juices’ in our body like we say, but often more because we are afraid.

What are we afraid of?
Mistakes, Failure, Ridicule, Disappointment

Can you imagine the world we could create if these were not our thoughts or emotions? If we were free to be creative. Creativity is courage. The courage to step outside the box, to step outside the norm.

As many of you all know, I love Disney. And when I think of creativity, I can not help but think about Imagineers - their job and their creativity. The difference between the Imagineers and the rest of the world is that they assume they can do what they dream. As Walt Disney once said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

Let’s always encourage our children to do the impossible and have fun. Never tell them they can’t or won’t. Remember the sky is the limit.

100th Day

I love 100th Day!
It was so exhausting but so much fun! And thanks to all the blog hoppin' I had more than enough ideas this year to keep us busy!

So here are some pics from our day!

100 balloons greeted my students when they came to school!

Our 100 collections

All the goodies placed on their desk before they arrived

Search and Find 100 items

Students made Derdnuh to take home and share with their families

Note that went home to families explaining Derdnuh

Banner greeted students as they arrived

Poster that was hung up with our 100 days of reflection taken from our Learning Lunchbox!

What a super duper day!
Some other highlights from our day included
1) Writing 1 to 100
2) 100 Bead necklace
3) Hiding 100 stickers around the room to be placed on a 100 chart
4) 100 Hidden Picture activities
5) Writing 100 words found in the room

Thanks again to all my blogging friends for inspiration and your freebies!!!

Be My Valentine Linky Party

Be My Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day

What a super day!  100th day party (I will post more about that later) and Valentine's Day! 
But I also received my Be My Valentine Exchange gift today and I feel so lucky!
First, I just want to say thank you to Caitlin and Sarah for organizing a superb valentine exchange.  You girls are amazing!

Second, Thank you so much to Sue at SOS Supply for the wonderful gifts.  It was so exciting going to the mailbox and getting such a beautiful package!  If you haven't checked out Sue's blog you MUST!  She has 30 followers!  Let's increase that friends!

File Folders, Notebook, Socks, Cookie, Card all wrapped up in a beautiful bag!

Third, I was lucky enough to get Barbara from Grade ONEderful as my Valentine.  When I got her name, I was so excited.  Although I have never met Barbara she was the first Canadian Blog I found and she has been so supportive to me and my blog.  Thanks Barbara - I hope you enjoyed your gifts.  If you are wondering what I sent her - check out her blog post here!

Lastly, Both Alissa and I would like to congratulate Staci for winning the Stella & Dot Hematite Studs through the Teacher Blogger Exchange.  We hope you like them!

I also participated in the Class Valentine Exchange!  I had to send my valentines to Guam - so I hope they made it there in time! 
This was my first ever Teacher Blogger Exchange!  I will definitely be doing this again!

Thanks again!