TEAM Values

What do you value in a TEAM?
So often we say that we want to work on a TEAM or be a part of TEAM. However, do we really know the core values of what makes a TEAM, and are we ready to do our part to be on a TEAM? What is the type of culture we want to encourage on our TEAM, what are the standards we want to have for our TEAM and what are the guiding principles to achieving ultimate results?

Tonight’s picture is a photo of a wordle that was created in December 2009. It encompasses the four core values of creating a team within a school. Trust/Relationships, Integrity, Happiness, and Adaptability. Surrounding are other words describing behaviors of what this looks like as well as the benefits of believing in a team. Some of these include – creativity, commitment, communication, flexibility and synergy.

I have been very fortunate to work on some incredible and successful teams. We were successful because we were supported, focused, respected, and we trusted each other. We had a common vision of working towards the success of every student.

If you have ever had the opportunity to work on a successful team, you too know how amazing it is to go to work, be happy, have fun, collaborate, celebrate everyone’s successes, support each other and develop extraordinary friendships.

I love sports and one of my favorite athletes Michael Jordan said, “There is no “I” in team but there is in win.” When we are a TEAM in a school, everyone WINS!!!

“Finding great teachers is easy, getting them to work as a team is the hard part.”

Coming Together
Sharing Together
Working Together
Succeeding Together

To create a wordle - go to A great resource for any subject to highlight key terms as well as to use in paragraph writing so students can view their word choice. If they are using 'like' all the time or 'because', wordle will make these words the biggest.

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