This photo is of two of my favorite things. Beads and 'I Spy' books. I love using beads for sorting/classifying, fine motor and most recently this week as my students made pattern bracelets and necklaces.

'I Spy' books are a gem to any K/1 classroom. I have a variety of 'I Spy' books, 'Look and Find', '1001 Search and Find', etc books in my room. While doing my mini-reading lessons on what Readers Read the kids are amazed that they can Read because they know how to Read 'I Spy' books!! I also love how these simple books can bring the twinkle in a child's eye when they appreciate the small things in the pictures.

Those small common things can be the big things in life. 'When you can do the common things of life in an uncommon way you will command the attention of the world.' - George Washington Carver. Give everything you got and use your mind to reach challenging goals!!!

Here's your challenge:
I spy a butterfly, two stars and a whale,
A kissing fish, purple seal and my friend AL!!!

Good Luck

Classroom Pointers

Classroom Pointers
How can you not love classroom pointers? Great for smartboards, chart paper, pocket charts and the mini ones are so great for independent reading.

At times in our lives we might be faced with tough decisions, we might not be pointing in the right direction or know the right path to take but believe in yourself.

As a Buddhist Proverb says - Once your facing the right direction, all you have to do is keep on walking.

As teachers, our ultimate goal is to help guide and point our students in the right direction to reach their full potential. We teach them to believe in themselves!!!


I have been waiting until a Friday to put this photo up. To all my dear friends who cherished our Fridays together, wherever we go or whatever we do, we will always be a TEAM!!!
Remember if we have a common vision and trust among us -we will be able to accomplish great things.

Because I have been taught about TEAM from so many wonderful people, I had to share the TEAM philosophy with my class. I recently read a book called TEAMWORK by Ann Morris. We then talked about the team we wanted to create in our class. Here is what my kids came up with.....
Ms. Wells-Taylor's
To Become..........

The 'We Are A TEAM!' poster and our class made TIGER TEAM poster are posted in my room.

At a very young age, they already see the benefits of working together as a TEAM!!

To every TEAM I have ever been a part of!!! Thank you for helping me grow!!!

Treasure Boxes

Treasure Boxes!
The children's faces when you introduce treasure boxes is in one word - priceless. They love every little item and are amazed by every little detail in each treasure.
I love using treasure boxes for sorting/categorizing, attributes, patterning and the list goes on and on.

Children remind us to treasure the smallest of gifts!!!

The Kissing Hand

The Kissing Hand! I love to read this story to young children and to share it with parents. This photo was taken after we read the book and each child created their own kissing hand for our class made book.

When looking at their tiny hands it is amazing to me how fast each child grows and is wonderful and unique. To all the mothers and fathers, remember that these tiny kissing hands will grow and become strong individuals with their own thoughts and their own dreams. As teachers we also play an important role in this development. These tiny hands will do many things one day - hold a diploma, a briefcase, drive a car, hold a baby and wear a wedding band.

Don't forget to give your child a kissing hand and tell them that you love them!!