Patterns Patterns Patterns

We have been working on making patterns in class for the past two weeks. 
One of our outcomes in grade one is for students to be able to translate a pattern and identify the core.  We use the Pearson Math Makes Sense program and this correlates with Lesson 4.  I love doing patterns with students especially using 'junk boxes' or 'treasure boxes' with students.  Plus of course using the variety of unifix cubes, pattern blocks and plastic counters we all have in our rooms. 

Feel free to use the attached SMART Board lesson, modify as you see fit.

Patten Smartboard Lesson

Also, click on the image to read about my love for Treasure boxes.


  1. I have math tubs full of similar stuff, but I never thought of using coloured popsicle sticks. Thanks!

    Grade ONEderful

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