I absolutely LOVE the Olympics!! So when I was creating my ABC Countdown this year, I couldn't resist but adding Olympics on 'O' day!

Of Course, coming from Canada we know a lot more about Winter Olympics than Summer, but we had fun comparing and contrasting the two in a Venn Diagram.

I also took this day to share my experience as a 2010 Winter Olympic Torchbearer with my students.  I have a powerpoint that I show to schools about all the ins and outs of Olympic torch runs and I bring my torch to show the kids.  The highlight for me!!!!

And of course I introduced the students to the 2012 Olympic Mascots - Wenlock and Mandeville.  I was able to get a stuffed Wenlock to show the students and some Olympic stickers from a friend who went to London in early June.  The students then had time to play games on the computer from 2012 Olympic Website

We ended the day with each student getting a medal to take home! 

Enjoy the 2012 Summer Olympics!!!  I know I will!

2012 Summer Olympic Sunglasses, Wenlock and the official APP!!!

Back to School Buys

Even though Back to School is still six weeks away, I have been busy shopping! Of Course!
Here is a small sample of some of my favorite buys this week.

Every year I buy new mats for my classroom.  I just don't like how dirty they get by June!  Can you tell the color theme of my room?

Can't resist new letters!  Will I use them? Who knows!  But of course, had to have them!

When I saw The 2 Sisters in March, they talked a lot about barometer children and how to help them build stamina.  In our free gift bag, they gave each of us some thinking putty to help with these types of students.  So I decided to buy some more Thinking Putty!  The kids love this stuff!

The last pic today is of my birthday chart for next year.  I have fallen in love with the BW Collection from CTP!  I just love it!!

So I am thinking of blue, green and BW for my classroom colors this year!

That is all for today.  Looking forward to showing you more Back to School Buys next week!



We all want quality. We all want high quality. We live in a society where very few businesses or products survive if not of high quality. Shouldn’t we expect the same from teachers?

We have a responsibility to produce quality teachers. 
Quality teachers show:
High intentions
Positive mental attitudes
Sincere efforts
Skillful execution
Passion and

We will see the results of high quality teachers/teaching in our students, in our results, in our teams, in our schools and in our society. 

One of my favourite quotes is, ‘A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.’ ~Henry Brooks Adams. 

Let’s make sure that the influence a teacher has on a student is positive. Let’s create high quality teachers.



It is summer holidays and we have been enjoying the HOT HOT Alberta weather!  But of course, school is still on the mind, for only an hour or so a day.  I have bought many new things for the classroom already, and would love to set it up - just so I know it is ready to go.  But will have to wait until it is cleaned.  Here is what my classroom currently looks like.

And of course I had to take pictures of all the cords needed to set up the computer, SMART Board, Document Camera and FM - so I don't forget when I come back.

Hope you all are enjoying a relaxing summer!