Love of Literacy and Love for Books!

Teaching literacy to children is a pure joy for me. I love the expression on their faces while I read stories. Their excitement to share the connections they make with a story to their own world.
Take time to read for enjoyment and share your favorite books with your children.

Leave Your Mark

The first day of grade one.
New shoes, new backpack, new scissors, new pencils but most importantly new crayons.

According to 1000 Awesome Things from the Book of Awesome
 #805 - The Smell of Crayons!
Nothing beats the smell of crayons or the look of crayons as on the first day you open the box.

How crayons in grade one represent a new beginning for us all.
We are ready to color the world and leave our mark!!!

If you haven't already, I strongly recommend reading the Book of Awesome by Neil Pasricha.
He also just released, The Book of (Even More) Awesome.

Refuse To Be Average

Many many years ago a dear friend gave me this dragon while still in University. She had gotten this dragon from Germany. She told me to hang this in my classroom so I had something consistent everywhere I went. This dragon has come with me through many moves - including to my office at LHS (yes an AP had a dragon hanging in her office). 

It now hangs above my desk. Anytime I am having a bad/hard day, I look at it and think of all the things I have done and accomplished throughout my career.
2010/2011 will be a fantastic year!!! Diddle the dragon and I are ready!!

See you Monday, Grade One Friends!!

Door Of Possibilities!

My first ever picture, taken at the start of the 2010/2011 school year.  The inspiration for the start of 'The Candy Dish.'  A new school, new students and a new school year!

A photo of my classroom door knob. In just three days little hands will turn this handle and open a new world of possibilities and opportunites in grade one. :)