In The Book of Awesome #916 – The sound of scissors cutting construction paper, is the sound of creativity bubbling, it’s the sound of ideas bubbling.

The novel new idea, the originality, the thought of ‘what if…’, the expression - ‘such a great idea’. 
We have all been there and experienced creativity. We do however often hold back, not because we don’t have those ‘creative bones or juices’ in our body like we say, but often more because we are afraid.

What are we afraid of?
Mistakes, Failure, Ridicule, Disappointment

Can you imagine the world we could create if these were not our thoughts or emotions? If we were free to be creative. Creativity is courage. The courage to step outside the box, to step outside the norm.

As many of you all know, I love Disney. And when I think of creativity, I can not help but think about Imagineers - their job and their creativity. The difference between the Imagineers and the rest of the world is that they assume they can do what they dream. As Walt Disney once said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

Let’s always encourage our children to do the impossible and have fun. Never tell them they can’t or won’t. Remember the sky is the limit.

100th Day

I love 100th Day!
It was so exhausting but so much fun! And thanks to all the blog hoppin' I had more than enough ideas this year to keep us busy!

So here are some pics from our day!

100 balloons greeted my students when they came to school!

Our 100 collections

All the goodies placed on their desk before they arrived

Search and Find 100 items

Students made Derdnuh to take home and share with their families

Note that went home to families explaining Derdnuh

Banner greeted students as they arrived

Poster that was hung up with our 100 days of reflection taken from our Learning Lunchbox!

What a super duper day!
Some other highlights from our day included
1) Writing 1 to 100
2) 100 Bead necklace
3) Hiding 100 stickers around the room to be placed on a 100 chart
4) 100 Hidden Picture activities
5) Writing 100 words found in the room

Thanks again to all my blogging friends for inspiration and your freebies!!!

Be My Valentine Linky Party

Be My Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day

What a super day!  100th day party (I will post more about that later) and Valentine's Day! 
But I also received my Be My Valentine Exchange gift today and I feel so lucky!
First, I just want to say thank you to Caitlin and Sarah for organizing a superb valentine exchange.  You girls are amazing!

Second, Thank you so much to Sue at SOS Supply for the wonderful gifts.  It was so exciting going to the mailbox and getting such a beautiful package!  If you haven't checked out Sue's blog you MUST!  She has 30 followers!  Let's increase that friends!

File Folders, Notebook, Socks, Cookie, Card all wrapped up in a beautiful bag!

Third, I was lucky enough to get Barbara from Grade ONEderful as my Valentine.  When I got her name, I was so excited.  Although I have never met Barbara she was the first Canadian Blog I found and she has been so supportive to me and my blog.  Thanks Barbara - I hope you enjoyed your gifts.  If you are wondering what I sent her - check out her blog post here!

Lastly, Both Alissa and I would like to congratulate Staci for winning the Stella & Dot Hematite Studs through the Teacher Blogger Exchange.  We hope you like them!

I also participated in the Class Valentine Exchange!  I had to send my valentines to Guam - so I hope they made it there in time! 
This was my first ever Teacher Blogger Exchange!  I will definitely be doing this again!

Thanks again!