Girl Power

As I continue on this journey of posting, some days I know what I will post and sometimes I am not sure what the picture will be. Today was one of those days where the picture changed based on the inspiration from the day.

Throughout the month of September for our science unit on colors, we have been wearing a certain color each day. I have been amazed at the level of participation in my classroom. It is phenomenal. It seems like the entire school is noticing us and asks how come they didn’t get the memo on what color to wear. My students love it when other teachers or the principal come into our classroom and ask, “Is it red day today?”

Today was PINK day - one of my favorite colors. Well, I had an idea for a picture but when I saw this saying on one of my student’s shirt, I couldn’t help but take a picture.

No offense to boys, but I think about the power we have as teachers to inspire girls to follow their dreams, set goals for themselves and believe they can change the world. Maybe this thought even touches me more after spending two years in a junior/senior high school where I wanted girls to want more than they ever thought or dreamt possible.

Let’s encourage and inspire every girl to believe in themselves, to be strong, confident, smart, curious, persistent, independent, and to respect others and themselves.

There are many organizations out there dedicated to this goal as well, including ‘girls inc.’ and ‘Girls for a Change.’ I love this quote from the Girls for a Change website:

IMAGINE if girls are told they can change the world.
IMAGINE they are told this by powerful women.
IMAGINE that you are one of those women.

To all my powerful women friends, I love each and every one of you!! Let’s teach our girls to be POWERFUL!!!

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