Everyone deserves to have someone say to them 'YOU MATTER'.
You matter to me and you matter to the universe.  Often we can forget the importance of relationships.  As teachers we can easily get caught up in curriculum, planning, and marking papers.  However, at the end of the day when all the dust has settled, the pencils are picked up and the glue lids are back on- the only thing a child is going to remember is how you made them feel.  


As we prepare to go back into the classroom, make sure every child knows they matter.

Why I Was Meant To Be A Teacher

I often think about why I am a teacher.  Especially when I watch tv, look through magazines or go to the mall.  Why am I a teacher?  Why am I not a celebrity, some tv personality or a singer? (oh, right, I can't sing)
Still, I often wonder why I never pursued something else or maybe if I still should.
But then moments of strong reflection occur.  Yes, I would love the lights, the cameras, and of course the money but would I really be making a difference?  Would I be making the world different or a better place to live?  Would my life mean something?  Everyday, I think not only about the students in my classroom but also every student who I have had an encounter with. Their lives and my part in it.  
Why I was Meant to Be a Teacher? 
Well let me tell you....
To be the best cheerleader a student could have.  To teach students about life and let them know how important they are. To have them believe they can achieve every dream they set their minds to.  To make a difference in education.  To be an advocate for what is best for students.    
That is why I was meant to be a Teacher.

Expiration Date

So many times we hear life is too short, do the things you enjoy and live in the moment.  Well, this post is no different.  Over the past year, I have encouraged or more like forced myself to try something new or do something at least once each month that I have never done before.  It could be as simple as trying a new restaurant/food or even travelling to Australia by myself last summer to see my best friend. Doing these challenges has allowed me to enjoy each moment as well as be more present in my life.  
We all have an expiration date but what we do before then is what matters.  I encourage you to be more present in your life.  Find ways to make different choices - go for a run, read a book, volunteer.  Take chances - call an old friend, ask for that promotion, or even maybe tell someone you care about them. Make changes in your attitude, routines and perceptions. The time will come when it is your expiration date, will you be fulfilled in knowing you did everything you could?