I Love Teachers!!

We work in an amazing profession. Actually I don’t think you can call teaching a profession, it is more a way of life – a passion. 

Being a great teacher is very challenging and rewarding work. 

As a teacher you have the power to influence and mould a student's mind. You have within you the capacity to instill in a child a love for learning, to keep an open mind and to keep questioning. You have the ability to promote confidence, stir thinking and awaken dreams.

To every great teacher – I love you!

MOM! There's a LION in the TOILET!

I want to tell you all about a true life adventure!  If you are looking for a great read, you need to check out this book, "MOM! There's a LION in the TOILET!" This book is about the Anderson family, a family of six who decide to go on a world adventure for 5 months to beat the cold winter months in Alberta.  They knew it was going to be an extraordinary adventure but they never knew they might get stuck in an Italian elevator, held at gunpoint in Egypt or be storm chasing floods, fires and tsunamis!

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