100th Day

I love 100th Day!
It was so exhausting but so much fun! And thanks to all the blog hoppin' I had more than enough ideas this year to keep us busy!

So here are some pics from our day!

100 balloons greeted my students when they came to school!

Our 100 collections

All the goodies placed on their desk before they arrived

Search and Find 100 items

Students made Derdnuh to take home and share with their families

Note that went home to families explaining Derdnuh

Banner greeted students as they arrived

Poster that was hung up with our 100 days of reflection taken from our Learning Lunchbox!

What a super duper day!
Some other highlights from our day included
1) Writing 1 to 100
2) 100 Bead necklace
3) Hiding 100 stickers around the room to be placed on a 100 chart
4) 100 Hidden Picture activities
5) Writing 100 words found in the room

Thanks again to all my blogging friends for inspiration and your freebies!!!


  1. love the collection bags! where did you find them??

  2. Wow Theresa! You did some amazing stuff last Tuesday!! I love the balloons. Our 100 Day was Tuesday also. We did lots of cool things too, but not quite as awe-inspiring as yours.
    Have a fun weekend!

    Grade ONEderful

  3. Really Good Stuff is where I got the collection bags!