Thank You and a FREEBIE!

We feel so lucky to have received an award.  Not once but TWICE!
Thank you to Barbara at Grade ONEderful! and Mrs. Krull at Of Primary Importance
We love the blogging world and the inspiration that seems to come from all of YOU!

So here is a short list of a few blogs you might be interested in checking out!  They are all ART and have provided tons of inspiration!
1. What's Happening in the Art Room??
2. We Heart Art
3. The Elementary Art Room
4. Art is Basic

I have been doing Math Workstations in my room since December. My kids love them!
Although many of my stations are from other blogs, every once in awhile, I find the time to make my own.  The one I am going to share with you today is called 'Monster Math Take Away'.  This game was designed to help students use mental mathematics strategies such as counting back.
Although the game instructions suggest counters (which, I did supply to each student) they ended up not needing them.  Once my students become familiar with counting back from 12, I will move up to 18.  Hope you like,  If you decide to download - we love to hear feedback!

Monster Math Take Away


  1. I love your game. I'm definitely trying this ... As soon as our strike is over that is :(. I'm also going to check the art blogs. You can't have too many of those! Thanks.

    Grade ONEderful

  2. Love this idea! So cute. Can't wait to check out more of your blog! New follower. Come check me out for math ideas :)