Building Things

We have finally started our Building Things unit.  I love this unit and the opportunity for students to construct objects, challenge themselves and to be actively involved!

We always start this unit discussing the different materials for building and the ways to join or fasten building materials. 

A few great websites to try are:

BBC- Has many great resources to help introduce at the beginning of the unit for sorting, grouping and the characteristics of materials. 

Grouping Materials

Characteristics of Materials

All I can say is that my students love these activities!

Material Labels and Sorting

Naming Materials

After we have spent time discussing the  materials used for building.  It is actually time to get down to work and BUILD!  Spending time discussing the different materials, makes it easier for the students to compare and contrast two objects that have been constructed (SLE 3).

So here ares some examples!

I call the classroom a workshop during science.  

Task One:  Build an animal with moveable parts. 

Task Two: Build a Monster or Robot with Folded Arms and Legs.
The students are taught two different ways to fold paper.


  1. Thanks for sharing your great ideas. This is a unit that I always struggle with. I love your simple, yet effective ideas!


  2. That looks like a really FUN unit! I wish that was in the BC curriculum.

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  3. I am obsessed with brads! Cute crafts!

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