Love Your Planet

Every day the inspiration for my posts comes from a unique place. Today’s post comes from a student’s t-shirt. As a society we have become more aware of the impact we have on the earth. As a student in elementary school, I never remember talking about caring for the earth. The only thing I ever remember learning about is animals becoming extinct and that was because of various poaching or chemicals. I never learned that I was having an impact on the environment. 

Now as an educator, I have a responsibility to teach children how to properly care the planet. I have to teach them to get into the ‘Green Groove’

Rethink Habits
Reduce Waste
Recycle Daily
Replenish Nature

Ask yourself these questions…
Do you love your planet?
Do you love yourself?
Do you love our children?

If YES!! Then Care for the Earth!!!!

A Native American Proverb says, “ We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors we borrow it from our children.” Let’s care for the earth so our children will have a better future and teach the children of the future how to get into the ‘Green Groove’. Remember “Every day is Earth Day.”

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