Marvelous Math

I love teaching MATH!  It is so much fun!
We have been working on creating addition stories, different addition number combinations and talking about mental math strategies.

Here are a few photos from my room!
This flip book seems to be all over Pinterest! 
I just added the dominos for students to see
doubles as two equal parts.

The students had to make two flip books to include the doubles all the way to 10+10

Our different combinations posters as we learn about all the ways to make a number.
And of course, learning about doubles would not be complete without a few songs from Harry Kindergarten!


  1. I just discovered your blog! I love the flip book ideas!

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  2. great ideas! the flip book is so cute! I am your newest follower!!

  3. I love your doubles flip books! It just happens to be the next thing we'll be learning about. Thanks for the idea.

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    First Impressions

  4. Very cute! I'm a title 1 math teacher so I'll be checking your blog out some more! New follower! :)