Creative Expression and Art

A recent art lesson completed in my room with no sink!! A first for me!! We first began the lesson with a discussion about the famous artist Piet Mondrian - his art and how he uses line, shape and color. This discussion was about the horizontal/vertical lines, the shapes that form and the use of primary colors (great connection for grade one colours science unit).

As you can tell by the picture, we are still learning how to make straight lines and not to mix colors together, but at least it already started the discussion about color mixing and secondary colors ( a future lesson -hehe).

I love giving children the opportunity to express themselves through art. Too often they are not given the chances at home because it is too messy. Although this lesson took me two hours to clean up after school, the excitement and enthusiasm when they saw their art on the bulletin board was worth it.

My life has been blessed by so many people. The key to success is developing and sustaining relationships. To all my teacher friends - thank you for the relationships. Cherish every relationship that you make with a child, mother, father, guardian. They often look to you for guidance, support, advice and most of all care for the child they leave with you for ten months.

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