This photo is of two of my favorite things. Beads and 'I Spy' books. I love using beads for sorting/classifying, fine motor and most recently this week as my students made pattern bracelets and necklaces.

'I Spy' books are a gem to any K/1 classroom. I have a variety of 'I Spy' books, 'Look and Find', '1001 Search and Find', etc books in my room. While doing my mini-reading lessons on what Readers Read the kids are amazed that they can Read because they know how to Read 'I Spy' books!! I also love how these simple books can bring the twinkle in a child's eye when they appreciate the small things in the pictures.

Those small common things can be the big things in life. 'When you can do the common things of life in an uncommon way you will command the attention of the world.' - George Washington Carver. Give everything you got and use your mind to reach challenging goals!!!

Here's your challenge:
I spy a butterfly, two stars and a whale,
A kissing fish, purple seal and my friend AL!!!

Good Luck

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