Zoo School

This past week my students spent an entire week at The Edmonton Valley Zoo.  This alternate learning environment was jammed packed with so many learning objectives.  Grade one is a prime age for children to learn about zoos.  Young children just have a general attachment and curiosity towards animals.

Zoo School is part of a larger program called Inquiry Minds that provides many different week-long programs around Edmonton and area.  If you live in the Edmonton area, I would strongly suggest applying to one of these site schools.  I promise, you will not be disappointed.

Here are just a few of the highlights from our amazing week.

Feeding the Black-Tailed Prairie Dogs.  They enjoyed the kale.

Students getting to pet Emelda the Ball Python

Students getting a chance to observe the Burrowing Owls

Students getting a chance to observe the Amur Tigers

Students learning about Lucy and her Five Senses

Checking out the Emerald Tree Boa

Hand Feeding the Lemurs

A large component of Zoo School and the other site schools is each student is responsible for journaling throughout the week.  Here are just a few of the journal pages from Zoo School.  


The other component of Zoo School is creating a year long project at your own school.  The project my students have been working on is the Amazing Animal Alphabet Adventure Journal.  This year my students have been learning about animals that are specific to the Edmonton Valley Zoo through non-fiction books, websites, etc.  They then create fun fact sheets and sketches of these animals.  As well as they read a fiction book where the animal is a character in the story.  At the end of this project, my students will have a complete alphabet book.


Check out the Storify of our Amazing Week!

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  1. What a fabulous experience for your kids. I love those burrowing owls. We have them in BC too, though not on the island.