Be Your Best You

I think we all have those days where we wish to have someone else's life.  The people who seem to have everything or even things we want in our own life - money, cars, fame, relationships, etc.  I think having those days is a natural part of being.  Maybe they are there to remind us of goals and aspirations.  Or maybe they are even there to remind us to think sometimes out of our ordinary life.  

But, I am here to tell you one thing:

Yes, you can want things others have, but you will never achieve any of those if you are not the best of who you are.  Be the best mother/father, friend, teacher, son/daughter, uncle/aunt you can possibly be.  Be the best version of you and everything else will fall into place.  You will have the fame, fortune and success you desire.  Never stop looking for ways to improve.  So go out there and 

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