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As we continue to do our 100th day countdown in our classroom we have now come to Day #26. With every day we celebrate in our classroom, I try to associate the number with something. For example – Day #3 we talked about tricycles, Day # 13 we talked about a Baker’s Dozen and on Day #26 we talked about how there are 26 letters in the alphabet. The students love when I can come up with something to associate with each number.

As Read-In-Week continues, I couldn’t help but think about my quote from a previous post.

‘TV. If children are entertained by two letters, imagine the fun they’ll have with twenty-six. Open a child’s imagination. Open a book.'

Take the time to read with your child, here are the ABC’s of READING ALOUD

A -ALLOW time each day to spend reading with your child.
B- BE a reading model! Let your child see you reading.
C - CREATE an interest in reading by reading aloud books suitable to your child’s age and interest.
D- DO start out with short stories—gradually build your child’s attention span.
E- ENRICH your child’s learning experiences through books.
F- FOCUS your child’s attention on the book you are reading by showing and discussing pictures.
G- GLANCE through the book before you read it to your child so that you are familiar with it.
H - HAVE your child sit close to you when you are reading so that you are sharing the book.
I- INCREASE your child’s listening and speaking vocabularies by explaining unfamiliar words.
J- JOIN your public library so that you have access to a variety of books.
K- KEEP your child’s books in view in easy-to-get places.
L- LISTEN to your child tell stories from books, even if he/she can’t read all the words in the book.
M- MENTION the author and title of the book each time you read to your child.
N- NURTURE your child’s imagination by selecting different kinds of stories such as rhyming books, fairy tales, animal stories, mysteries, and adventures.
O -OPEN the door to the world of reading. Read daily to your child.
P- PASS ON the pleasure of reading by building memories your child can treasure.
Q -QUOTE the characters in a story meaningfully by changing the tone of your voice.
R- READ, read, read!
S- STIMULATE interest before reading by sharing experiences.
T- TALK about the books you have read together.
U- USE expression when reading aloud so that the story will come to life.
V- VISIT a book store often and give books as presents.
W- WHENEVER you can, create…
X- EXCITEMENT about reading: it’s great.
Y- YOU can encourage reading with…
Z- ZEST! Be excited and the books will do the rest.
--Author Unknown

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