Many of my posts have been around the central theme of potential and possibilities.

In June 2008, I received a book that changed the way I think about the potential and possibilities of teams and trust. The book was titled 'The Speed of Trust: The One Thing That Changes Everything' by Stephen M.R. Covey. In June 2009, I had the privilege to see Stephen M.R.Covey speak. He and his father are truly inspirational.

If you have ever worked on a TEAM then you truly know the benefits that trust can play. It is enjoyable to go to work everyday, the efficiency at which you can accomplish goals is astronomical and the results that you can achieve are exponential.

"Trust is what turns a group into a TEAM!"

After Stephen spoke I was able to get a copy of 'The Speed of Trust' signed. In my book, he wrote...
Keep making a difference and keep inspiring trust!"

Everyday, I think about the teams I have worked on, the differences we have made for kids and education. In education, if the intent of our team is to care about our students then the mutual benefits are WIN! WIN!

Continue to build a team within your classroom, your colleagues, and your school.


  1. I love this site, Theresa. It reminds me to think about why I went in to Education. I'm looking forward to reading more posts :)

    Grade ONEderful